Friday, December 30, 2011


So long since my last post.

I haven't really been up to much artwork. Waiting tables is getting pretty exhausting lately with the extra 40 lbs I'm carting around. That plus the lack of caffeine in my system has lead to a whole lot of being lazy lately. Brett and I go out on dates a lot, which is most lovely; we are enjoying as much of each other as possible until baby. I have been pampering myself with haircuts, nice new organic jewelry, manicures, and have been having a great time learning to make lots of new foods. I have even been doing bits of sketching, even working on an itty bitty series of portraits on antique papers.

Christmas just past and was so exciting, and I think my 'nesting' period kicking in is causing extra holiday spirit this year. I made stockings for everyone at work, which we all filled with goodies. Family time was really nice, and I baked cookies for everyone. I think I made 9 different kinds of cookies, around 24 of each and it was so fun having the kitchen be my little cookie factory. Also, Brett got me new lenses both for my Holga and Diana, that I am STOKED to test out. Also got me a new tripod, I broke mine just a couple months ago at the end of working on my Shrine series. I already have been doing some shooting, and got some disposables to take with me to my hospital trip.

Hoping to get my energy back soon, and ready to welcome my new inspiration into this world!