Sunday, February 27, 2011

Medicinal Marijuana Expo

in Portland Maine
was such a good damn time. 

You take my breath away when you smile.
pictures soonish.


[Cannabis brownie samples]

[various pamphlets and magazines]

Saturday, February 26, 2011

so excited

about my link going live

1 of 20

check out my page!

4:29 a.m. jargon

it was on that cheap carpet in that shitty apartment
in secret
sunlight spilling across the floor 
i looked into your eyes
and you looked back 
with more than just your typical hollow stare 
so i tightened my grasp around your neck
as you rested your head down beside mine
and you pulled out 
we may have even said i love yous
because we do that sometimes
but i know you remember this day 
for the exact reason that i do
that ringing in our ears
because why 
not that it was anything that it wasn't
but still how
i know you wonder about the ringing
and i know you remember
us pacing around the room with our pants down
and fingers in our ears
did we just let go
oh yea
 youre too scared anyways
so it doesnt really matter
like everything else.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

hunger hurts

but starving works, when it costs too much to love.

latest liquid light canvas prints.
this top one is the most successful. 

holga 120 film

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


we all have them.

my favorite subject.

Kevin Motherfucking Rich
torso/scar studies

120 bw film

Professional artist class made me write an

    Artist Statement

Our existence is validated by our actions. If you are doing, then you are.

This work performs personal functions; It fulfills the desire to keep record and becomes the means to challenge and problem solve. It also fills the need to invent by hand.

The work is developed through a variety of traditional and hand directed processes, including painting and darkroom photography. Essentially, the work is a by-product of an internal battle against mortality. To exist, and to feel alive--it is the battle to beat an imaginary clock through constant production.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ch check it... this is just a test

Love. Note.

i made this and gifted it to a lovely gal named Britny.

i most enjoyed it.

whats in the box?
in order l to r,

avocado pit, found nuts, baby tooth, tiny nest, doll arms, bird egg, found piece of vase, doll shoes, found wooden knob, rusty link, teeny newspaper image from 1909, more found nuts, rusty bottle cap, fake jewel, doll hand, dried rose, dead monarch butterfly, nest with feathers, clay, other side of avocado pit.

i am not a hoarder. 

i love putting my crap to good use.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the d word

its this thing nobody ever wants to talk about.
people shouldnt be ashamed of depression
I sort of embrace it
it is stimulation.
 you ride it out
and the best thing to do, is motivate

it just has to be understood
there will always be times when the good is so great
and the bad just seems so terrible
and there will be plenty of just content time somewhere in between
its life.
i dont feel any need to sugar coat myself
or act and feel any way other than how i naturally do
because every day is different 
and you never know what each morning will bring


just another work night.

you find me quite charming

and i find it quite alarming
cuz im gonna take your life.
new liquid light darkroom print.
holga 120 film

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one time

it was thought meteors didn't exist
because there were no rocks in the sky.

Valentines Day Self Portrait
Holga 120 film

growing up

is completely overrated.

dinner night with lovers.
Holga 120 film

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


'There is always hope, but that must be combined with irony and, more important, skepticism'.

words and work of Anselm Kiefer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

good food

brings people together.

...or maybe it just depends on your company.

 35 mm slide film

happy valentines day

120 and 35 mm slide film

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

you made

a huge impact on me, and on my life
you were an amazing friend
you opened my eyes to so much
and i miss you so much, big brother.

wed. 23 April 2003


Whats going on? I spent all day doing hard work. While I am still in reception, all our in-processing is done. So I ended up with 2 days with nothing to do (we can only leave on Thursdays for some reason). I got to scrape the finish off of a linoleum floor (like the floor at the old Merrimack school) with a spoon. Holy crap my hands kill. Then I got to mow lawns for 5 hours in my full uniform (hot as a bitch). Right now me and the 3 other guys who did all that work are sitting on a picnic table behind battalion headquarters. A command sergeant major told us to sit here after we finished out work. We hope hes going to do something nice for us since we did a good job, but he might just yell at us.
Tomorrow is Thursday, so we are really psyched to go to basic.
I keep thinking about what everyone is doing back home. Right now its 16:12 so I bet Chris is working, but hes probably screwing around because its near quitting time. Kevin is probably either playing a video game or asleep. You are probably going to dance class, and jaykob is probably out drinking. I think I'd be taking a nap. Maybe I just think that because I'm so tired.
Last night we had some time to ourselves in the barracks so I was walking around with my sweatpants pulled down in the back so it looked normal in the front but my ass was hanging out. No one noticed and then we laughed our asses off for ten minutes.
I had fire watch last night so for a while I had to watch for fires in the barracks- basically a lame job to make us lose sleep since there is no way a fire would start.
Make me dinner please. I'm so hungry.
I didnt get lunch because we had to work. I'll give you a dollar.
I'm going to go now, I miss you, talk to you soon

i miss you, friend. 


The easiest thing to do

is walk away.


35 mm disposable camera

and when i leave

I close this door to this galaxy of yours.


objet trouve

 one mans garbage..