Saturday, February 26, 2011

4:29 a.m. jargon

it was on that cheap carpet in that shitty apartment
in secret
sunlight spilling across the floor 
i looked into your eyes
and you looked back 
with more than just your typical hollow stare 
so i tightened my grasp around your neck
as you rested your head down beside mine
and you pulled out 
we may have even said i love yous
because we do that sometimes
but i know you remember this day 
for the exact reason that i do
that ringing in our ears
because why 
not that it was anything that it wasn't
but still how
i know you wonder about the ringing
and i know you remember
us pacing around the room with our pants down
and fingers in our ears
did we just let go
oh yea
 youre too scared anyways
so it doesnt really matter
like everything else.

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