Thursday, February 10, 2011

you made

a huge impact on me, and on my life
you were an amazing friend
you opened my eyes to so much
and i miss you so much, big brother.

wed. 23 April 2003


Whats going on? I spent all day doing hard work. While I am still in reception, all our in-processing is done. So I ended up with 2 days with nothing to do (we can only leave on Thursdays for some reason). I got to scrape the finish off of a linoleum floor (like the floor at the old Merrimack school) with a spoon. Holy crap my hands kill. Then I got to mow lawns for 5 hours in my full uniform (hot as a bitch). Right now me and the 3 other guys who did all that work are sitting on a picnic table behind battalion headquarters. A command sergeant major told us to sit here after we finished out work. We hope hes going to do something nice for us since we did a good job, but he might just yell at us.
Tomorrow is Thursday, so we are really psyched to go to basic.
I keep thinking about what everyone is doing back home. Right now its 16:12 so I bet Chris is working, but hes probably screwing around because its near quitting time. Kevin is probably either playing a video game or asleep. You are probably going to dance class, and jaykob is probably out drinking. I think I'd be taking a nap. Maybe I just think that because I'm so tired.
Last night we had some time to ourselves in the barracks so I was walking around with my sweatpants pulled down in the back so it looked normal in the front but my ass was hanging out. No one noticed and then we laughed our asses off for ten minutes.
I had fire watch last night so for a while I had to watch for fires in the barracks- basically a lame job to make us lose sleep since there is no way a fire would start.
Make me dinner please. I'm so hungry.
I didnt get lunch because we had to work. I'll give you a dollar.
I'm going to go now, I miss you, talk to you soon

i miss you, friend. 


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