Wednesday, November 24, 2010


so I decided to try printing some photos on fabrics that are not canvas. I went to the thrift store to find some old table cloths or dresses or something, I didnt really have anything specific in mind. I thought I would easily find something, but ended up leaving empty handed after a lot of wandering. There was nothing about those fabrics that interested me.

Last year, I searched alleyways for abandoned couches and tore off huge squares of fabric to paint on and stretch on canvas. There was something about these materials I was drawn to. They are lived in, they are worn. Things happened on this furniture, they played an important role in creating a home. Memories were made, people came together, maybe even made love on it. There is something so intimate and personal about this deserted fabric left in the cold.

The piece of fabric above I discovered near my apartment. I cut it off of a stained queen size mattress, and soaked it in bleach for hours. Unfortunately, it didn't change the appearance of the surface (which I was hoping for) but it did sterilize it.

I found out later that this material is actually made from plastic fibers so I really don't know how the photo emulsion will adhere to it. But I will try it!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Worked on this painting from last year that I never finished.

Still not done of course.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Experimenting in color

A small collection of photos for my color photo class. My original intent for this class was to focus on the subject of visual memory, as I am doing with my film work, to help me get a better grasp of the concept from a color perspective. The project started out fine until I discovered slide film and got lost in the new medium to the point where my original idea kind of faded away, and I began to focus more on just shooting. Many of the images circle around my husband and my relationship with him and friends, and the images of him are some of my favorite. I may, for once, just keep it simple. My new subject matter may just be candid extended portraits of him with focus on color and tonality to create a mood. I really just feel like doing this simple and directly. Save my shenanigans for the darkroom. I will post more pictures soon.

 Kodak disposable

 Kodak disposable
 Tmax100 35mm
 Kodak disposable
Kodak disposable

Tmax100 35mm with paper filer over lens

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


click me get a closer look

I stretched one of my latest prints over a canvas frame.
On the surface, I first added water based black ink followed by a bleach bath applied with a brush.
I then added black oil paint to emphasize some lines, and used oil paint to add some tones.
There is also stencil work, and powdered graphite added to shadows to give a bit of shine.
And finally, layers of wax.

loving it.

Friday, November 5, 2010


borrowed muse

"I ran into an old friend on the street he said everytime he saw me I looked so different, he hardly knew who I was, do you think  thats true? Do you?"

Thursday, November 4, 2010


prints came out relatively well. Still on the low contrast side, and the emulsion is still a bit spotty, but I'm pretty happy with these and I think they give me a lot to work with.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


For the last three weeks, Monday night has been all nighter night at my place for doing art. It sounds like torture but I actually love it and how productive it always is. Did some painting in addition to preparing more canvases and a short writing assignment.

come on, click on it to see it bigger.

good morning sleepyheads.


Worked in the darkroom open to close on Sunday. ALL DAY.
With no prints to show for it.

The emulsion/prints lifted off in the developing process. My conclusion is that emulsion needs time to set. I left emulsion in the darkroom for 2 days for my last printing, and there was no lifting. It all stayed intact. Then Sunday, I did same day emulsion and printing. It was dry but no go. I think it needs time to settle. I checked the liquid light directions and it said you can print on it still tacky, so I figured a just-dried surface would work. Nope.

new hints to remember:
1. dont use darkroom boxes, canvas needs circulating air for drying
2. bring a fan for small spaces
3. at least 24 hour settling period for emulsion, to two days (however 2 days did show some greying in the emulsion from time)
4. Apply emulsion very thickly and let sit flat for about ten minutes before hanging on a wall to dry longer.
5. If print comes out like shit, you still want to make use of that canvas and expensive oil gesso, so run the garbage print in hot water and rub the image off. Let dry and re-use. 

This was a sad day because I thought I had finally figured this out.

Already have new emulsion "setting".