Wednesday, November 24, 2010


so I decided to try printing some photos on fabrics that are not canvas. I went to the thrift store to find some old table cloths or dresses or something, I didnt really have anything specific in mind. I thought I would easily find something, but ended up leaving empty handed after a lot of wandering. There was nothing about those fabrics that interested me.

Last year, I searched alleyways for abandoned couches and tore off huge squares of fabric to paint on and stretch on canvas. There was something about these materials I was drawn to. They are lived in, they are worn. Things happened on this furniture, they played an important role in creating a home. Memories were made, people came together, maybe even made love on it. There is something so intimate and personal about this deserted fabric left in the cold.

The piece of fabric above I discovered near my apartment. I cut it off of a stained queen size mattress, and soaked it in bleach for hours. Unfortunately, it didn't change the appearance of the surface (which I was hoping for) but it did sterilize it.

I found out later that this material is actually made from plastic fibers so I really don't know how the photo emulsion will adhere to it. But I will try it!

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