Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Every time I look at you

 I wanna kill, wanna kill
Stranger things that I would do to make you feel the way I feel
Its just that I have been broken so many thousand times
And every time I start again I wonder why, wonder why
Its been such a hard year, it won't ever change
My heart isn't cold now
Its not what it seems because
You say to me my heart feels far away
Developed some new 35mm film today.
this is the last picture I ever took of Kevin MF Rich, one week before his death last month.
 if I had known it would be the last picture I would take of him, I would have tried to get a better shot.

The morning after the Kevin died, I drove to tell a friend.
I couldn't get a hold of them so while I was up in the area, I stopped by Kevin's apartment, where he had passed just the night before. I snapped some pictures.

his apartment:

and the footsteps left out front of his door from the commotion:

click for larger images.

miss you, Kev.

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